Millions of words have been written about skincare all over the world, and we are constantly bombarded with information about skin care regimes, practices and products. But all this overload of information sometimes gets too much to absorb and understand.

As salon and spa owners, you must have faced various questions from your clients looking for guidance about skincare. And it is always not easy to answer these queries and make suitable suggestions. Well, let us make it simple for you. We are not going to talk about complicated routines that are difficult to follow. We are going to remove the clutter and stick to the basics. The four fundamental things that you need to take care of. If you follow these, you will be sorted.


What you eat matters to your body as well as your skin. Skin derives nutrients from vitamins, and the health of your skin is directly related to your diet. A well-balanced diet over time will ensure you have a well-nourished and glowing skin. A good diet will also lessen the appearance of wrinkles and slow down the signs of ageing.


Water is your skin’s best friend. There are fabulous moisturising and conditioning products available in the market which can be applied topically to hydrate your skin. But we would still advise you to keep up with your daily water intake. Nothing hydrates the skin as water does. And it is great for your overall health too.


This is non-negotiable. And we don’t need to lecture you about the harmful effects of the sun on your skin. Most of us know and yet ignore to use sunscreen. But it would be best if you did not step out of the house without applying sunscreen. Sun damage is not something that you will see immediately; it will slowly increase without you noticing, and then suddenly, you will start seeing the side effects on your face.

Quality Products

Beauty products have existed for centuries for some reason. Good skincare products help you nourish and protect your skin from the adverse effects of environment and lifestyle. When you use the right products, it will reflect on your skin. The quality of the products you use in vital to the health of your skin. From makeup to perfumes and sunscreens to scrubs, everything that comes in contact with your skin should be of the best possible quality. So give a great deal of thought before selecting items for your skincare routine.

We at Anita’s Aromatics understand the importance of skincare and also understand that your busy lifestyle does not leave you with too much time to plan your skincare regime.

We have developed an entire range of products dedicated to skincare that you will fall in love with. Our facial kits are designed to heal and nourish without being harsh on the skin.

Vitamin C- Facial Kit

This is a powerhouse facial to give you’re a skin a boost. Enriched with a Vitamin C derivative & botanical extracts, this kit cleans and perks up your skin. Vitamin C is essential to fight sun damage and reduce signs of ageing. Each product in the kit works brilliantly to reveal a perfect sheen.

Dead Sea- Facial Kit

There is nothing more exotic than the smell of the sea on your face. Feel the goodness of this mineral-rich facial and reap its many benefits. This kit contains Dead Sea Minerals, organic argan oil, cold-pressed coconut oil that helps in replacing skin moisture while ensuring its good healthy glow. 

Anti-Acne- Facial Kit

We call this our problem-solving kit. Getting this facial done reduces acne blemishes, breakouts & inflammation. The Tea Tree gel & mask acts as an anti-bacterial agent & helps in reducing acne. It contains seaweed, Neptune Kelp & chamomile oil that helps in decreasing inflammation in acne-prone skin.

Follow the four mantras given by us to have hassle-free skincare, and connect with us to know more about how our products are created.

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