Why Should You Consider a Face Clean-up at a Salon?

Why Should You Consider a Face Clean-up at a Salon?

“Healthy skin is not an overnight process.”

A glowing, shining and radiant skin is a dream harbored by many! After all, who would not love absolutely flawless skin? We at Anita’s Aromatics understand your needs and desires, and thus we are back with another informative blog on face clean-up. Trust us, the secret to healthy skin lies in small steps and not an overnight process, and it requires consistency. However, face clean-up is that small step that, if practiced religiously, can make a big difference! So continue reading to know more about the secrets that are just a salon away or probably waiting to be explored by you, right at your fingertips!

What is face clean-up?

Face clean-up is a simple procedure that involves cleansing, exfoliating, steaming, a mask, and moisturising. Face clean-up is a deep cleaning of the face to remove all dirt, excess oil and any impurities that may harm the skin. It majorly helps in removing dead skin cells, blackheads and whiteheads.

Why does clean-up work wonders?

Though you might want impeccable skin in today’s busy schedule, it seems almost impossible to attain it owing to the busy and unorganized lifestyle we have imbibed. As a result, skin care often takes a backseat in the plethora of particulars on your to-do list. We understand your dilemma, work, home, self-care- well, it’s a tough choice. But worry not, and we will come to your rescue! Want good skin? Consider a face clean-up at a salon! Yes, you read that right. A simple face clean-up is the first and the most effective step to achieving flawless skin! Face clean up, as the name suggests, is a simple procedure to help in deep and thorough cleaning your face. It helps remove dirt, dead skin cells, and excess sebum and refreshes the skin. A face clean-up is effective only when done at regular intervals and followed by other skin care regimes. Read ahead to learn more about face clean-up.

Confused between facial and clean-up?

Confused between Facial and Clean-up?

Facial vs clean-up is an often queried topic, and we believe it’s essential to know more about it so that you can make a wise decision and opt for a facial or clean-up as per your requirement and not simply choose without any awareness. Facial is a multi-step process that primarily deals with cleansing and nourishing the skin. On the other hand, clean-up deals with only deep cleansing for squeaky clean skin. A facial is more expensive, time-consuming, and often requires professionals. In contrast, clean-up is more affordable, less time-consuming and can be done at a salon or by you following a few steps and using some personally selected products. Facial helps impart essential nutrients to the skin along with a glow and rejuvenation.

On the other hand, clean-up primarily helps clean the skin, unclogging pores and hydrating the skin. Facials often have specific products that cater to a specific skin type. However, clean-up often uses generic products, except for sensitive skin. In addition, a facial includes the step of massage, which is the major distinguishing point as it helps in relaxing you and significantly adds to the benefits of a facial. The massage helps in improving blood circulation and helps in activating various pressure points, which in turn helps improve skin health. 

Why is clean-up at a salon always preferable?

Clean-up at a salon is a better option. Different face clean-up types in the parlour per your skin requirement and type are best detected and catered to in salons. They are professionals trained to identify the problems at hand and help resolve them effectively. The apt use of products, the correct way of cleansing, exfoliating, steaming, removing blackheads and whiteheads, and moisturising can do wonders. Also, you and your skin deserve a day out and the utmost care and pampering! So dear reader, leave out everything, head to your nearest trusted salon, and finish that lengthy pending clean-up! 

Clean-up involves the removal of dirt, excess oil and any impurities that make the skin prone to any damage. The skin of the face is sensitive and requires extensive care and nourishment, for which using good products is crucial. We believe using pure aromatic products and essential oils can make a difference. Filled with nature’s goodness, aromatic products and essential oil work to the root cause and help alleviate any issue. At Anita’s Aromatics, we provide the best aromatic products that help you get the purest benefit that nature has to offer. Our products are highly concentrated and procured from plant parts with no adulterations. Also, our products are available at an affordable price, thus saving your pocket and your skin!

Did you know the benefits of a simple clean-up?

The benefits of face clean-up are well documented, but often a clean-up is not considered an essential part of a beauty regime. However, to keep up with the health of your skin, clean-up is unskippable. Clean-up most essentially helps in unclogging pores and hydrating the skin. A deep and thorough cleansing also helps better penetration and absorption of other products used on the skin.  It simultaneously boosts collagen production, soothes inflamed skin, removes tanning, and reduces pigmentation. The benefits are endless at an affordable price and time; thus, you should take up a clean-up appointment as soon as possible, without fail! Face clean-up charges in salons roughly range from Rs. 400 and can go up to Rs. 3000. The price varies from place to place and salon to salon. However, it is pretty much affordable and has many benefits. Care and cleansing, like a clean-up, may not always be possible. However, salons do it in a professional way without any additional hassle for you!

Is home clean-up pretty much a possibility? Yes, why not!

But if you feel you do not have the time or inclination to go to a salon for a clean-up, it is a simple procedure that can easily be done at home. In fact you can even plan a clean-up party with your gal pals and do a clean-up for each other. Here are a few basic things to keep in mind before you decide to do a clean-up at home.

 Face clean-up at home entails cleansing your face with mild face wash, followed by using a bowl of hot water for 10 minutes for steam, and then scrubbing your face with a good exfoliator, lastly apply a face pack from among the various available in the market, as per your skin type and need. Last but not least, moisturize your face. Benefits for clean-up at home majorly entail a safer and chemical-free clean-up, time-saving and absolutely pocket-friendly, added with all the benefits of spending quality time with your friends. 

After a detailed discussion on face clean-up, let’s dive into some commonly asked questions:

  • Is salon facial good for the skin?
  • Facials are suitable for the skin as they nourish and improve skin health. In addition, it improves blood circulation and helps in better cell growth. However, one should opt for the right facial and products for the best results.

  • How is face clean-up different from regular facial?
    • A face clean-up only cleanses. However, a facial involves cleansing plus rejuvenation. 
    • A massage is an essential step in a facial but is not performed in face clean-up. This is because a facial takes more than one hour and is expensive, but a face clean-up takes less than half an hour and takes less time. 
    • Facial uses specific products, but face clean-up uses more generic products.
    • Facials need professionals, but face clean-up can be done by yourself.

    We hope we were able to answer your questions regarding a clean-up. Whether you get it done at a salon or home, it is essential to do it regularly for healthy and happy skin.

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