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Coffee Butter

Coffee Butter

The same ingredients that refresh you when you drink coffee also have a nourishing effect on your skin. One could argue that it is actually beneficial to pour (cold) coffee over oneself as a remedy against skin-ageing, but here is a safer and refined way to cleanse, soothe, and repair your skin, and keep it’s youthful texture.

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  • Mineral Salts

    Mineral Salts work towards binding your skin together. They improve hydration and strengthen the skin’s barrier. They also come with acne reducing properties, and the ability to balance oil production.

  • Walnut Oil

    The oil from Walnut works as a great antioxidant. It is also capable of reducing wrinkles and fine lines on the skin.

  • Rosemary Essential Oil

    Rosemary has multiple healing properties such as easing stress, acting as a mild pain reliever, and also increasing blood circulation. It is also an agent to stimulate hair growth, apart from its proven ability to improve brain function,

  • Coffee Powder

    Coffee has the power to reduce cellulite and come with anti ageing benefits. It is also capable of reducing acne and inflammation.

  • Wheatgerm Oil

    The oil from Wheetgram is useful for the fight against skin dryness. It also treats acne, scar marks, and skin inflammation.

  • Almond Oil

    Almond Oil is best for treating minor wounds and cuts on the skin and helps to fade scars. It is also great at improving the skin’s tone and complexion.

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    How to indulge?

    1. Apply a good amount of Coffee Butter.

    2. Massage it well into your skin.