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Anita's Aromatics

Crystalline Scrub

Crystalline Scrub

When you enrich strawberry extracts with sugar granules, what you get are crystalline particles that work beautifully to moisturise and brighten your skin. It's so simple, we call it magical.

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  • Strawberry Extracts

    Strawberry extracts inhibit antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. They improve skin complexion and help repair UV damage to the skin.

  • Aloe vera

    Aloe vera supports the production and release of collagen in your skin, making it look younger and healthier with regular use. Its nourishing and healing properties help restore the skin's texture to its former suppleness

  • Niacinamide

    Niacinamide is known for regulating oil formation on the face and minising skin redness. It also protects the skin against sun damage, and is a useful agent against hyper pigmentation and ageing.

  • Shea Butter

    The rich fatty acid content of Shea Butter is a great source to moisturise the skin.
    It also helps with restoring skin elasticity and works as an effective sunscreen along with being a remedy against skin burns.

  • Liposomes

    Liposomes facilitate the product to penetrate through the layers of your skin.

  • Sugar

    In this combination, sugar molecules work as natural exfoliants.

  • Almond Oil

    Almond Oil is best for treating minor wounds and cuts on the skin and helps to fade scars. It is also great at improving the skin’s tone and complexion.

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    How to indulge?

    1. Simply wash your skin with our Lemon Cleanser. Pat dry.

    2. Gently massage your skin with the body scrub in circular motions , spending 5-7 minutes on each body part. Remember to be gentle and not go too fast or harsh while scrubbing your skin.

    3. Wash off later with lukewarm or cold water. Follow this step with any of our Crystalline Body Butter to lock in the moisture.