COLOURS! Indeed, how boring our life would be if we didn’t have colours. There is a deep connection between colours and our emotions. Each colour is associated with specific qualities and evoke special sentiments. But in the month of VALENTINE, it only fits that we talk about the colour associated with love and romance.

Pink has always been a colour indicating sweetness, charm, romance, love for oneself and others, femininity, tenderness, nurture, care, gentleness and compassion. Red similarly represents passion, warmth, desire, confidence and love—both the colours brim with love and compassion in their unique ways. 

It is time of the year when you would want to show some love to your clients.  So we at Anita’s Aromatics bring you a range of products in the colour spectrum of pinks and reds. It will surely entice your clients and at the same timegive them much-needed beauty care.

This range of Products is specially made to offer a unique experience. We have infused these kits with exotic products in red and pink colours to create a dreamy and romantic range for a self-love session keeping with this month’s spirit.

Hands and Feet Rituals 

Hands and feet often undergo various extremities, and efficient care is essential.

Cocktail Kit – Strawberry Margarita and Cranberry Sangria

Cocktails indeed make a fantastic drink. We have transformed the same invigorating elements into a concoction that pampers the skin, giving it the all essential healthy glow. These Cocktail Kits, available in Strawberry Margarita and Cranberry Sangria, are perfect for indulging some self-pampering manicure and pedicure.

Vino Kit

This Vino Kit is infused with the benefits of grapes and is undoubtedly the best way to give the much-needed care to your hands and feet. Packed with the nutrients, this kit hydrates and rejuvenates the skin leaving it refreshed.

Facial Rituals

A facial is vital for your skin as it is instrumental in removing dead skin cells and improving the skin’s texture and tone, enhancing the natural glow of the face

Deep Pore Moist

This facial kit contains AHA from fruits like strawberry that brightens & moisturises normal to dry skin. Infused with exotic essential oils like chamomile and lavender, this facial will leave your skin soft and supple.

Body Spa

Body spa helps with the detoxification and relaxation of the body. The benefits of body spa are endless, and the goodness of our enticing product range is guaranteed to give you an indulgent experience.

Crystalline Scrub

The high-performance strawberry and sugar Scrub acts as an exfoliator to reduce dead cell accumulation. Packed with the goodness of oils, this scrub restores the moisture balance of the skin. The sweet scent of Strawberries is an added element to lift your spirits.

Crystalline Body Butter

Our deliciously fruity Body Butter will melt into your skin for an intensely moisturising experience. The result will be healthy skin with a natural pink blush.

Crystalline Masque

A blend of fruit extracts in our masque whitens & firms the skin giving it a distinctly fruity feel.


These atmospheric products are essential for skin-care and have multi-purpose use.

Rose Essential Oil

Who doesn’t love a rose, and Rose essential oil is a faithful companion at any age. It helps rectify hormonal imbalances, benefitting mature, dry skin. It gives your skin a firmer & younger look. Massaging a few drops blended with jojoba oil on your temples helps to lift your mood immediately. It is not only an excellent conditioner, but you can also use it as a hair perfume.

In the season of love and romance, give your customers the exclusive experience of indulging in products crafted in the colours of love. Get in touch with us for more details about our entire product range.

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