“Life is too short for bad nails!”

Rains have hit our windows, and as pleasant as it seems, it comes with its share of problems. Rains and “not feeling well” go hand in hand, yet nothing can stop us from enjoying this pleasant season. However, nails are one arena that is more affected and dreaded by all equally. Nail fungus is rampant during monsoon, and one must be vigilant enough to ensure the condition is controlled. Anita’s Aromatics understands your plight and thus enlists a few products that will come to your rescue. Continue reading ahead to know more about nail fungus, some precautions and some of our products to help alleviate the condition.

Nail fungus, also called onychomycosis, is a fungal infection that occurs in your nails owing to the fungus, which is prevalent during monsoons. The increased humidity contributes to the growth of the fungus. Nails are already prone to fungal infections in the rainy season.

Nails, though vulnerable, are often ignored. It is equally important to take adequate care of your nails. It is imperative to recognise that your nails are impacted by the fungus, which is often evidently visible. At the initial level, a white or a yellow spot appears. As the fungus multiplies, the nails thicken and appear discoloured. Sometimes the nails also start crumbling at the edge. Distorted nail shape and a foul smell are also indicators of nail fungus. Nail fungus though majorly attributed to the fungal organisms, which are at an all-time high in monsoon, it can also be caused due to other factors. Reduced blood circulation and a weak immune system can also lead to nail fungus. Some ways to prevent nail fungus during monsoons include wearing monsoon-friendly footwear, using antifungal products on the damp areas of skin and keeping nails short and clean.

Nail fungus is a serious issue, and many ways exist to cure it. However, aromatherapy is one of the best and most effective ways to treat nail fungus. Aromatherapy uses concentrated plant extracts, which are rife with natural benefits, yielding promising results. Anita’s Aromatics believes in the beneficial properties of aromatherapy and brings products catering to your needs. Here are some of our products that have proven effective against nail fungus and improved nail health.
  1. Argan Essential Oil
    Argan oil is highly beneficial for nails, helps boost nail health, and effectively deals with nail fungus. It is rife with Vitamin E and fatty acids, which help nourish the nails’ health and strengthen it to deal with the fungus. Mixing a few drops of argan oil and massaging
  2. Tea Tree Essential Oil
    Tea tree oil has antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial properties, which stall the fungal growth and helps alleviate the condition. Apply a few drops and gently massage the affected area.
  3. Clove Essential Oil
    Clove oil is one of the best options to treat nail fungus. The eugenol content is high, which is a potent antifungal ingredient. Mix with a carrier oil and massage gently for effective results.
  4. Candle Spa Kit
    A manicure and pedicure is the best way to ensure good nail health. Indulge in a divine indulging experience that gives squeaky clean nails with enriched benefits with our candle spa kit.

The Chocolate kit is one of our best-selling kits, but we also have other exciting, and refreshing pedicure options, which you can check out at Manicures-Pedicures are a must in Monsoons, and we are sure that you will find something suitable from our range.

Nail fungus can be frustrating, but with our products by your side, we ensure that nail fungus will surely stay far away from you.

Please write to us to know more about effective nail care during monsoon and visit our website to know more about our products.
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