Essential oils have been a part of our culture and rituals for centuries. We have always known about their benefits. But lately, due to the Covid 19 situation, there has been a resurgence in  awareness and interest towards the alluring benefits of essential oils. Their therapeutic effects are being acknowledged not just in India but the world over. Suddenly people are asking for and opting to choose treatments and therapies that contain essential oils.

Being in the service industry, we must take care of the changing needs of our clients and provide them with appealing products with ensured quality.

Keeping this requirement in mind, Anita’s Aromatics have come up with a fascinating range of essential oils that will allow you to create innovative treatment and beauty packages for your clients.

We have developed an impressive array of products that can be used for different purposes and hence giving your clients an extensive and exciting menu to choose their oil of indulgence from. 

Let’s pamper the Skin

Something Special to make your skin sigh with pleasure.


The citrusy smell of lemons soothes the senses as this oil works its magic on acne and blemishes. Leaving your clients with fresh skin and a refreshed mind. 


This is not just another oil. It is a miracle filled in a bottle. Nothing else works like it on all skin types, taking away the signs of ageing, pollution and stress.


This one is a hot favourite with the ladies. Everyone loves the fragrance and the calmness it exudes over your mind and body. Just like the proverbial queen in a fairy-tale, this oil placates all the eruptions, inflammations and burns.


Rely upon it in times of crisis. This oil is a friend of mature and sensitive skin. It rejuvenates it from inside and outside, helping regulate hormones and balancing sebum levels.

Have A Good Hair Day

We are ensuring that you never have a bad hair day again.


Patchouli is a go-to essential oil to maintain hair health. Whether your hair is stressed or chemically treated, this oil will regenerate growth and decrease hair fall.


The oil is as mesmerising as the name. Get lost in its heady floral scent as it is gently massaged into your scalp, deeply moisturising it and driving away from the dryness and frizz from your hair.

Tea tree

Are you tired of constant dandruff and hair fall? Let us introduce you to tea tree oil which is known to conquer the most advanced dandruff issues with just a few drops.

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang is the ultimate in conditioning hair and brings back the shine to dull hair. Extracted from a star-shaped yellow flower, it also leaves your hair fresh and fragrant.

This body deserves a Break

There is nothing more relaxing than letting your body absorb the wonders of essential oils.


Lemongrass does not just smell heavenly but also has powerful muscle-relaxing properties that will have you floating in the air after a massage or soak—the perfect weekend indulgence after working out the whole week.


The medicinal properties of Camphor have been well documented in our culture. Lie down and relax as this soothing oil is massaged on your feet. Creating a healing layer over your cracked heels and tired feet and relaxing your feet and entire body along with it.


Who does not love peppermint?  The refreshing aroma and the uplifting effect of this oil is a winning combination if you are looking for a little pep than this is the oil for you.


Are you struggling with a lack of focus and clarity in thoughts? Cedarwood oil has the properties to calm your overworked mind and body and create an energy that helps you concentrate better.

Connect with us today to know more about these lovely essential oils and the amazing benefits that they provide. This festive season let us together create something memorable for our clients.

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